To Do...

This is the list of jobs that I hope to be getting on with, some sooner that others...

Fix the oil leak
There is an oil leak from where the gear shifter enters the back of the gearbox. It has been getting progressively worse and needs fixing sooner rather than later.

Rear Drums
Rear drums are making a grinding noise when the brakes are applied. The brakes still work effectively, but it needs looking at.

Dash light
Fix the centre dashboard light. It's pretty annoying not being able to see the fuel and temp gauges at night.

Clean the Upholstery
The front seats are looking pretty manky and really in need of a good clean. I may need to take the seats to pieces and check them over.

Check Squeaky Front Brakes
Since changing the front discs and pads there is a bit of a squeak at very low speed. Annoying really rather than a problem

Fit the Ultimate Engine Steady
Bought some time ago but never got around to fitting it.

Replace the front windscreen
There is quite a sizable crack in the glass on the passenger side. It has never got any worse and so far it has not caused a problem, that along with some quite bad scratches from the wind screen wiper over the years means I would like to replace it at some point.

Fix the interior light
Need new door switches as the current ones have corroded and are intermittent.

Fix the blistering paint on the scuttle.
Always looked a bit dodgy since I got the car, but is has got worse over the years and will need attention at some point.

Fit stage one kit
It's an obvious upgrade and a must do when funds allow.

Balance the wheels
Not urgent, but it could do with being done.


Replace the Aerial
Just need to get under the wheel arch and replace the aerial as it was snapped off and the radio reception is rubbish. DONE - (21 Sep 2014)

Replace the radius arm brackets
Way back when I overhauled the rear subframe I had to replace one of the radius arm brackets. Unfortunately the replacement item is not quite right altering camber on the drivers side wheel. This has been confirmed by uneven tyre wear on that side. I have bought adjustable brackets from Huddersfield Mini Spares so they just need fitting.
DONE - (22 Sep 2014)

Fix the broken wheel stud
Snapped the stud recently when during the final assembly of the drivetrain project. It's pretty urgent as driving around on three studs probably isn't the best idea. Given what I know now, it should be an easy job.


DONE - (20 Aug 2014)

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