Sunday, June 5, 2016

Exhaust Reloaded!

In the previous post, I managed to finally get the car back on all four wheels once again after being up on axle stands for months. Apart from this being a symbolic milestone in the project, it's also a very useful one as it now allows me to roll the car forward to gain access to the rear in order to hang the exhaust.

Once rolled forward, the back end of the car was jacked up and set on axle stands in readiness for the work. As this is the second time I've hung this particular exhaust, most of it is still there under the car albeit in a loosened off state, so today's job is simply to re-connect everything back up and make sure it's properly sealed. If you want to see the particulars of how the installation went the first time, click here.

There is one other little issue however that I want to try to resolve while I'm here. Since fitting this new exhaust, I seem to have introduced the problem where the handbrake compensator bracket would snag on the exhaust mid box when the handbrake was engaged.

The picture above tries to highlight the situation. The handbrake compensator bracket can be seen hanging down just above the exhaust. When the handbrake is applied, the bracket is pulled towards the front of the car and fouls the exhaust mid box. To fix this, I'm going to try to re-mount the exhaust in such a way that it pushed the mid box forwards and out of the path of the compensator bracket.

So with our objectives set, Let's get cracking.

The first job was to ensure that all of the mating surfaces were cleaned up with some 60 grit sandpaper. This has two purposes; firstly it cleans off all the old exhaust sealant,bits of muck and corrosion. And secondly, it gives the new exhaust sealant a nice rough surface to key onto.

The mid pipe was easy as it was just literally a steel pipe.

The manifold pipes were a little trickier as they were under the car, but not too troublesome. While I was down there, I also realised that I'd forgotten to connect the front bracket from the manifold to the gearbox, so I sorted that out also.

The 'Y' piece required the inside surfaced cleaning up. Yeah I know those brackets are a scruffy mess.

Once all the surfaces were scrubbed, I cracked out my exhaust cement and applied it to the inside surface of the 'Y' piece. Obviously I had to repaint those brackets!!

...the the manifold pipes also got a coating of exhaust cement.

Then the 'Y' piece was wiggled into place.

Now to solve that handbrake snagging problem... In order to move the rear part of the exhaust forward enough to clear the handbrake compensator, I decided to hack a few centimeters off the mid pipe.

Once it was test fitted, I could see how far to move the rear part of the exhaust system.

And after a quick test fit, everything seemed to fit quite nicely.

And more importantly, the clearance between the handbrake compensator and the exhaust mid box was now sufficient enough for them never to collide again!!

With that little bug ironed out, the rest of the exhaust was cemented up and clamped into place.

Once the cement had been left for about 20 minutes or so to set, I started the engine and left it to idle for while to complete the curing process... and that was that! A fairly painless affair really. I think it helped that most of the exhaust was already in place, but even so, there were very few problems and it was a very pleasant sunny afternoon, so a win, win all round.

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