Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bonnet Catch and Alignment

Now I've got the engine in (and tested) and the exhaust's back on, it's time to get the front finished off ready for its MOT test. The main job is to install the bonnet catch, but before that, there are a few other piddly little jobs that need knocking off the list. So as I've an hour or so free today, I thought I'd crack on and get them sorted.

The jobs I wanted to get out of the way first were to install the air intake scoop, the windscreen washer reservoir and also the horn as they're really easy.

The air intake scoop just pushes through the hole in the inner wing where it's reconnected back on to the big air pipe that lives under the wing, above the wheel. It's easier to do this with the wheel off, but I managed with it in place.

The windscreen washer reservoir is equally easy to install, just reconnect the hose to the pump and then the reservoir simply pushes back unto its mount to complete the job.

The installation of the horn follows the same simplistic theme; it just bolts back onto the mounting studs and the one solitary wire is reconnected.

Bonnet Catch
It's time now to get the bonnet catch bolted back on. Almost four years ago, I opted to convert the bonnet catch over from a front opener to an internal one in the hope it would keep random snoopers out of the engine bay. If you read the previous article on the subject, it's not terribly explanatory and left me guessing, which is why I did it wrong this time!!

As I like to lay everything out, I started there...

Taking the top and bottom parts, I bolted them in place using the marks in the old paintwork as a guide to the exact location. Once in place, I tried to attach the release cable that goes to the dash and also the spring. Except it's nigh on impossible to get them hooked on now as you can't see where they go!! So out came the bolts again to try a different method!!

Once back out, I found the best way was to attach the release cable and both end of the spring at this point...

The other end of the spring sits in here...

Then maneuver it into place and bolt it up...

Bonnet Alignment
After a quick test of the catch, I screwed the grille back on and noticed that the the bonnet didn't align that well with it. The left hand side was sitting far too high. Looking back over previous photos it looks like it has always been like that, so I decided to see if it was fixable.

Looking under the bonnet, I found it was adjustable as the bonnet locking pin was threaded. Undoing the locking nut, it was possible to turn it with a screwdriver and move it up or down...

After a lot of trial and error, testing and adjusting, I managed to wind the pin up enough to pull the bonnet back into alignment.

Once I was happy with the position, I nipped the locking nut back up and enjoyed a job well done.

I'd love to say that it's all done and dusted and ready for the MOT, but while I was working on the exhaust, I noticed yet another job that need sorting, so I'll knock that off the list and then we should, fingers crossed, be good to go.

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