Sunday, May 29, 2016

Manifold Sadness!!

Back in this post here, I decided to take a risk and paint the exhaust manifold with some zinc spray paint I had kicking about the shed. It said on the back of the can that it was good for temperatures upto 250 degrees Celsius which seemed fine and dandy!!! Problem is though, I have absolutely no idea just how hot the manifold gets. Well, now that the engines back up and running again, I guess we'll get to see how the paint copes with the heat...

So after finally getting the engine to run, I left it sitting at about 2000 rpm for a few minutes or so varying the revs upto 3000 every now and then. As I was expecting the usual collection of new engine smoke and smells, I wasn't too concerned at first, as the engine heated up, it's expected that all the grease and oil on the outside would be cooked and eventually burned away.

However, after a few minutes, there was the distinct and unmistakable pong of burning plastic. Or was it plastic... as I inspected further, it soon became obvious that it was in fact the exhaust manifold paint bubbling up and burning.

As you can see from the pictures, it's not a pretty sight...

Both sides were bubbling up and smoking pretty badly to the point where I was getting a bit concerned, but after a while, the smoke calmed down and it eventually looked like this...

So I'm guessing that the exhaust manifold gets a lot hotter that 250 degrees Celsius as it has monstered the paint quite badly. That said, once it had cooled, the paint had baked pretty hard and to its credit was still attached to the manifold.

So there you have it folks; Did this paint stand up to the task at hand?... Well no it didn't as we can quite clearly see. Was it worth trying?  Well, as the blog sub-title at the top reads, these are the ramblings of a 'Have-a-go Hooligan' and when you're having a go, failure is always an option.
Is it that bad? Well, it's not too horrendous and it's still better than the awful black paint that the manifold came with. Who knows, I might experiment further now with heat wrap around the knackered paint to both cover it up and also to keep the carb cooler. Got to keep having a go!!

But for now, I'll concentrate on getting the car back on the road as it hasn't even got anything to mount the front wheels on to yet, so guess what the next job is...

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