Sunday, May 1, 2016

Finishing Off The Engine

Hooray! After a 'Sweet As' time in New Zealand, we're off and running again with the engine rebuild. The blog's back on as the tinkering commences once more!!!

In the previous post, I'd got the engine more or less built up and had to fabricate a custom timing bracket to compensate for the fact I was using a different timing cover. If you read this post here, you can see how I decided to go for a timing belt over a chain, a decision that I may come to regret, but time will tell.

Anyway, there are a few finishing off jobs that needed knocking off the 'to do' list before I can cart the engine out of the house and plant it back in the car.

Engine/Radiator Mounting Bracket
Seems obvious, but I nearly forgot about it until I found the bracket at the bottom of the parts box. It's a really simple job of putting in the two bolts and tightening them up.

Tappet Covers
For this, I needed to order some small rubber sealing grommets that stop oil leaking out of the bolt hole. They are held in place with a metal cup which I made sure I didn't lose.

They simply bolt into place...

Head By-Pass Hose
Agh! There's always something that you forget!! This time it was to attach the by-pass hose I overlooked when I attached the head!

Initially I was a bit worried that I'd have to remove the head again to fit it back on, but by snipping a little off the end of the hose and a little squashing and a squeezing, I managed to force it into place.

Top bit first...
some bending and squishing needed...
and bingo!!!!

Now I just needed to open out the clips and slip them over the hose and clamp them back into place.


Not a massive pile of progress, but essential none the less. Now I'm ready to get the engine back in the car!!!

Well nearly... I've looked at the state of my LCB exhaust manifold and thought, 'That could do with a tidy up'...

So... guess what's next...

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