Saturday, March 12, 2016

Timing Bracket

After an awful lot of 'hemming and hawing' whether or not I should use a timing belt or a chain, I finally went for a belt. It's a bit of an experiment, but I thought 'hey-ho, let's have a go'. Anyway, after I had fitted the timing belt cover, it struck me that there were no timing marks! Seems I need to get my thinking cap on!

Hmmm, no marks on the new timing cover!!

Pondering the problem for a few days, I played with a few ideas in my mind, weighing up the viability of each and eventually came to the conclusion that the best way would be to use one of the old timing covers I have in the shed and cut out the shape I need.

Due to the differing shapes between the belt and chain timing covers, there are now two bolts that are now redundant and effectively doing nothing except hold the front plate place. It struck me that if I could cut out the basic shape I needed from the old cover, I could use the two bolts to hold it in place giving me the timing marks I needed. It seemed like a good idea and I have nothing to lose except time and an old and rather crusty timing cover.

After I marked out the lines to cut, it was obvious that the timing marks would simply fall off as they were held in place with three tiny spot welds that were on the wrong side of my cut. So before I started chopping, I needed to get the timing marks welded on the correct side. As I don't have a welder, this was kindly taken care of by a sympathetic friend, so a big shout out to Ed for helping me out here!!

With the weld filed and smoothed out,  I could start my cutting, the first job was to drill out the corners.

Then a small slice here with a hand held rotary tool...

After that, the rest was hacked out with a junior hacksaw...

Lastly, the three holes were opened out with a small round hand file and the whole thing was shaped and tidied up with a larger hand file.

A quick check to make sure everything still lines up as it should...

A few coats of paint later, and it's ready to mount into place.

Which is here...

And it looks like it's okay, except for the timing notch on the pulley which isn't that visible.

So while I was in there, I thought that I would give the notch a small lick of silver paint so that it stands out.

And it's a done deal, which not only has been a fun distraction, but also I'm hoping will make my life a bit easier when I come to set the timing with a strobe gun. It's amazing what you can do with a small hacksaw and a few files!! Now I just need to finish off the engine and get it planted back in the car...

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