Friday, February 12, 2016

Transmission Housing - Housed!

Now that the idler endfloat has been checked, I can finally get on with the task of assembling the engine, and the first big job is to attach the gearbox or transmission if you prefer..

Having already done this job once before last year, I know that preparation is very important, so I made sure I had everything to hand before I started, well I tried!

Nuts and bolts, in the correct order? - Check!!

New gaskets, RTV, half moon seal and the oil seal ring? - Check again!!

Gasket Gloop
Now when it comes to gasket sealant, there are a number of different options to choose from and I'll be honest, it's a bit bewildering knowing which one to choose. In the past, I've always used RTV, the question is though; did it do it's intended job and stop the engine from 'sweating power' as it were?

Unfortunately, that's a tricky question that I'm not really in a position answer as the engine was never really put into service as it was taken to bits very shortly after it was finished. So I thought to myself, what is the best gasket sealant to use? This again is a difficult one to get an answer to, as you can ask ten different people and potentially get ten different answers!

Two other products that were recommended to me were Hylotyte Red and Universal Blue, both from a company called Hylomar. So I decided to rush out and purchased these with the intention of doing a little experimentation.

Not long after buying them though, it dawned on me that I don't really have a ton of spare time or indeed clean spare parts ready to do any experimentation at the moment!! So I decided to stick with the RTV for now and leave the experimentation for a time when I'm less busy. I'm sure there's a future blog article in there somewhere.

On with the show
First job then is to give all the gasket surfaces a quick spray of brake cleaner and a wipe to de-grease them, then get the new gaskets out and check they fit properly. Next give the 'engine block' side of the gaskets a light smear of RTV and stick them in place, like so...

Now give the opposite gasket face the same RTV treatment...

Now to worry about the half moon seal! Remember above when I said preparation was very important, well it seems I let myself down here as it only dawned on me at this point that I need the front plate in order to properly squash the half moon seal into place! Gaaaah! I really wish I'd realised this before I'd smeared RTV everywhere!

So after a frantic search in the shed, I returned with the front place and plonked it in place, then RTV'd and seated the half moon seal. As I was panicking a little I forgot to take a photo, so here's the one I took back in May last year when I last did this job, showing the seal in place.

Next thing to remember is the 'O'- ring seal which I kind of glued into position with a little RTV to stop it falling out when the gearbox was turned upside down and mounted on the engine block.

After a little huffing and puffing, the gearbox was in position.

After all the nuts and bolts are secured in place, the whole thing was turned the right way up again leaving just one job, which is to trim off the excess gasket that sticks out with a sharp blade.

Well actually the very last job really is to stand back with a cup of celebratory tea and marvel at the beauty that has been created once more.

Yep, I'm pretty chuffed with today's work!

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