Sunday, February 14, 2016

Timing Protractor

After the recent flurry of progress, it's time now to get the valve timing sorted which is something that I've thankfully already mastered in this post here. It's something that at first appears complicated, but after getting stuck in you soon come to realise it's really pretty simple.

Anyway, to do this job, I'm gonna need a timing protractor and as they are about £10 or so to buy, I decided to make my own so, here's a quick blog showing the process.

A quick search on Google Images for 'Timing Protractor' will turn up a hundreds and hundreds of images, it's just a matter of choosing one that has a high enough resolution so that it looks sharp when printed out. I imported the image into Microsoft Publisher and expanded it to be as large as possible and printed it out.

Then I roughly cut it out and spray mount it onto some card, a cereal box is perfect as it's free. Conveniently I had the spray mount left over from another project, so that was effectively free also. I guess though if your printer is capable, you could print straight to card and skip the whole sticking to card step. Once stuck, it was cut out properly.

Now for the centre, I used the oil thrower to get the correct size hole and drew around the inside.

Then chopped it out with a craft blade.

After a test fit, it seemed to perfectly...

... well almost, there was the slight problem in that it bashed into the mount below.

So, time for a trim...

... and a bit of trial and error later, it does the job.

So now that I have my snazzy new timing protractor, guess what the next post will be all about...

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