Saturday, February 13, 2016

Oil Pump, Cam In, Clutch On!

In the previous post, it felt like a major milestone was reached when the transmission and engine block were bolted together making the engine look fairly complete. However looks can be deceiving as there's still a ton of work to do. Luckily though, I got a bit of free time, so I tried to blast through the work.

Oil Pump
When it comes to engine building, it's generally a good idea to fit a new oil pump, the pump I'm using is new-ish in that it's done a grand total of about five miles so I'm happy reusing it. The first thing to do is to soak the gasket in oil and then stick it in place.

And then with some threadlock, bolt the oil pump in place.

I'm sticking with the same ST510 camshaft that I bought from Mini Sport last year, I've heard mixed reviews about them but as I can't afford another one at them moment and it's hardly been used, I can't really justify changing it.

There's no easy way of phrasing this without it sounding all 'Oooh Matron'; you've just got to lube it up and slide it in!!

I'm not going to put the retaining plate in yet as I'll sort it when I come to setup the cam timing.

While the clutch and flywheel were away being balanced, they for some reason, removed the friction plate. So before it can go back in the engine, it all needs to be assembled once more. As it all can be laid flat on the floor, there is no need for a clutch centering tool as it can be centered by sight alone.

Before assembly though, everything is cleaned with a quick blast of break cleaner to remove any grease and oil.

Centre the friction plate...

Drop the pressure plate in place...

And bolt it down with threadlock...

Now that's done, it's going to need somewhere to live, so it's time to get the flywheel housing in place. This particular housing has already had all the nessesary work done to it so it's ready to just bolt on. In this post here, the housing was soda blasted and new idler bearings installed, here the idler gear endfloat was checked and also a new oil seal was added.

In order to install the housing the idler gear needs to be pushed into its bearing and also the first motion gear needs to be mounted on the crankshaft. I'll skip over the all details in this post as it's all covered here, but once the gasket is in place with a light smear of RTV, the housing was offered up and bolted in place.

Once the bolts were all done up to the required torque, the dust cover and locking washer were added.

With the flywheel housing in place, the flywheel now has somewhere to live...

So on it goes, I find that an old bearing shell works a treat to lock the flywheel in place while it is torqued up to the insane 152Nm. A long torque wrench is a must here.

 Last job is to bend the lock tabs over to stop the flywheel coming undone and creating mischief.

And that's it for now, not a bad little session really as I seemed to get quite a lot done. Time now for a cup of tea and a rest while I contemplate on the next step which is the cam timing.

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