Monday, February 8, 2016

Idler Endfloat

Now that the pistons are installed, there's one last thing to make sure I get right before I go racing off with the rest of the engine assembly and that's to make sure the idler endfloat is spot on.

Idler gear

Thankfully I've got some prior experience when it some to this job, so hopefully I've already made all my mistakes in this post here. The biggest take home message I got from all that previous messing about was to purchase a decent quality gasket for the clutch housing, so that's exactly what I did.

Decent quality gasket is a must.

The process is pretty simple, you pop the idler gear in place and mount the new gasket on the transmission housing studs like so...

Next, mount the flywheel housing and torque up all the bolts to the required spec...

Now check how much wiggle space the idler gear has with a feeler gauge, the spec in the Haynes manual is between 0.076 - 0.178mm or 3 - 7 thou. I'm aiming towards the lower end of the spec.

Just like the last time, the endfloat was a very respectable 3 to 4 thou which I'm more than happy with.

Now that's checked, it's time to get assembling the rest of the engine, so I'm hoping things will start to move along quite quickly now. Well that's the hope anyway, let's see what reality brings!!

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