Thursday, February 25, 2016

Clutch Cover

Now that the cam timing is sorted and all the 'sticky on' bits are stuck on the engine block, it's time now to get the clutch cover on.

Now, before I go steaming in and just bolt the cover on, I want to make a reference point for TDC as it may be useful in the future, so after a little masking off, I sprayed some white paint in the general position of TDC on the flywheel.

After fitting the clutch cover, I noticed that the clutch throw-out was wrong and it dawned on me that I'd forgotten to put the clutch sleeve on!! Aaagh!!, so out came all the bolts again and the sleeve was put in place.

Then with a little threadlock, the bolts were fitted once more and the cover was on.

After finding TDC with the protractor and dial indicator, I marked the point on the flywheel.

Now for the little inspection cover, which I bought from Smiffy's Bits. Fitting was hampered slightly by the fact that the supplied bolts were a tad long and fouled the flywheel when fully in.

Not a problem though as they are easy enough to trim down with a hacksaw and re-chamfer

The result is very shiny.

While I'm on a roll, I thought I'd also attach the clutch slave cylinder mount plate.

Last job of the day is to check and adjust the clutch throw-out stop. The spec is 6.5mm and after a little adjustment of the two nuts, I was soon locked in.

So that's another small job done and ticked off the list, next thing to sort when I get the time, is to get the head set on the block...

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