Monday, January 4, 2016

Back To The Machine Shop

Well today was the day that I wended my way back to the machine shop with the crank, block and caps in hand to seek further advice about the rough crank journal I discovered in the previous post.

Initially I was just going to take the crank, but decided in the end to make the extra effort of heaving the whole engine block into the back of the car also. As I was taking the block, I figured that I might as well take the caps also, well why not!!

As it was a normal Monday morning, it was a normal working day, meaning that I would have to nip out at lunch time. Luckily though, the trip there was a mere 15 minutes so it was easily possible to get there, do what I needed to do and get back within an hour.

When I got there, I unloaded all the parts and explained the issue and the guy on the front desk who had a look at the parts. He oiled up the bearings and seated the crank and gave it a few turns and seemed pretty sure it was okay.

To be sure, he wanted to put the caps on and torque them down to as he explained that doing so would correctly compress the bearings and make them perfectly round. "Have you got the bolts?" he asked. Ah... for some inexplicable reason, I hadn't bothered to bring them!! I was them in the shed on the bench last night when I was getting all the other parts, but just didn't think to bring them.

What a monumental pain in the butt!! If I had only brought them then I could have had the crank checked over by an expert and known if there was an issue or not. 'Oh well, you live and learn!' seems to be something I'm saying a lot at the moment.

The only thing for it was to leave the parts and come back the next day with the bolts and try again, so that's tomorrows lunchtime activities planned out!! Never a dull moment eh!!

So there you have it, not the most insightful or well researched blog entry I've ever written; basically just me going out at lunchtime and forgetting some parts, but it's all part of the unfolding story of this engine. Plus it highlights that sometimes things just don't go to plan and you seem to take two steps backwards for every step forward. So far for this engine, that certainly seems to be a recurring theme!

Let's just hope that tomorrow is a step forward.

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