Friday, November 20, 2015

The Box of Bits

Since the previous post, not a ton of actual real progress has been made. If you look back, you'll see that I stripped the engine down in order to get the crank, fly wheel and pistons out so they can be balanced and what I'm left with is essentially a sad looking box of bits.

In a sense, I can't help but feel that this box of bits that once was my engine is slightly symbolic of where I am at the moment with my dream to build an engine. It's certainly been one step forward and 10 steps back! But are we disheartened? Well a tiny part of me was, but to be honest, not really as it's all part of the adventure.

I'm still on the case as all the parts have now been sent off to a company in Bradford last week to be balanced together. They were very busy and gave me an estimated time of 3 weeks, but I rang up today and they were on with the job and said that there were no problems.

As you can see above, I sent the main components along with the pulley, the primary gear and the necessary nuts to hold the flywheel and pulley on the crank. In the mean time, I've been looking over some of the bits in the box and noticed that the camshaft looked a bit strange. Strange as in worn in stripes and odd patterns.

I sent an email to Mini Sport about this who were very helpful, offering to inspect the camshaft if I brought it in. Luckily I'm about an hour's very pleasant drive from the Mini Sport Centre so dropped the camshaft in where it was examined by two people who put my mind at rest and assured me that it was fine and looked fairly normal.

While I was there, I was sorely tempted to buy one of their 1.3 to 1 rocker roller sets. Seeing them first hand was almost overwhelming, but I just managed to overcome the temptation and left before I changed my mind. That's not to say I won't be looking at them again in the future. For now though, I'll rebuild the engine with the current bog standard rockers I have and look at upgrading them when funds allow.

Before the parts come back from the machine shop though, there are a few little problems that I want to address. The first is to rinse out the gearbox with some carb cleaner while turning the gears to wash out any debris that might be hiding in there. The second is to clean all the gasket surfaces again in readiness for the second rebuild.

So there we have it, a small amount of progress and a plan. It's better than nowt I suppose!!!

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