Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Engine Nightmare!!

<This post is part of the 'Engine Swap' project>
In the previous post I got to finally enjoy driving my Mini around with the new engine fitted. Well I say enjoy, probably 'endure' is closer to the truth as the vibration from the engine at about 1500 rpm is staring to get on my nerves. It's beginning to look like the engine may have to come out again!!

Normally this kind of thing would be a bit of a downer, spending the best part of a year building an engine and then going through the effort of fitting it, only to find out that it isn't quite up to scratch.

But looking at this from a positive angle, if the engine does need to come out again, then there are several good things I will be able to focus on:
  • It allows me to create a proper 'how to remove an engine' page which I didn't get around to doing the first time.
  • I get to use my engine crane again!
  • I get to learn even more about engines.
There are probably lots of other reasons that are also equally valid, but generally when something goes wrong, after the initial panic and annoyance feelings have passed, I realise that it's just another opportunity to learn more.

So What's Wrong?
To be honest, I'm not entirely sure, but what I did suspect was that the pulley or the fan might have been the problem so I disconnected the radiator and used a different pulley. After refitting the radiator I tried again and as the video below tried to capture, it was still wobbling.

So What's Next?
Before go to the effort of pulling the engine out, I'll check it one last time without the fan belt attached and see if there is still a problem. My suspicion is that there will be and that the engine will end up in bits again.

If that's the case, I'll start to disconnect the engine and lift it out as I suspect that the pistons, flywheel and crank all need to be balanced together as they were either new or from different engines. This will take a while as it's getting dark earlier on en evening and I have to work outside, so it's down to weekends now and only then if the weather is any good.

I'll keep you posted...

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  1. have you checked the front gearbox mount and the bulkhead mount? great blog! David

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