Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hokey Cokey Engine!

In the previous post, I was worried about the engine vibrating excessively when it was revving up. I looked at the fan and pulley in the vain hope the problem was there. When they were removed however, the problem still persisted. Alas, there was only one thing for it, the engine was going to have to come out again to investigate the problem fully.

By rights, I should be pretty miffed at the fact that I've spent the best part of a year building an engine that needs to be taken apart again so soon. As I love working on engines though, I just see this as another opportunity to learn more and gain valuable experience as I try to work out what I did wrong. My suspicion at the moment is that the crank, flywheel and possibly the pistons need balancing.

So down to the business of removing the engine. Back in this post here, I covered more or less what was needed to remove the engine when I did it the first time. But while I have this chance, I thought that I would create a page that goes into the step by step details here. Rather than rush that page now though, I'll work on it over the next week and come back and provide the link later.

Also this has given me an idea to create a library of useful 'How To' pages that I can refer to again and again. Hopefully it will become a kind of 'Wayne's Manual', we'll see how it goes after the first page though as it's just an idea for now.

It's round about now that I'm pretty glad that I bought an engine crane rather than hire as it's still sat there in the shed just waiting for me to use it again. This time, I had the help of my son to operate the crane while I guided the engine out of the engine bay. Having a work partner certainly makes the job a lot easier.

After disconnecting the engine, it was successfully lifted out and hauled into the shed where it was hoisted onto the bench ready for stripping.

Now the job of stripping it down begins...well next time anyway...

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