Friday, September 11, 2015

Prepping The New Engine For Install

Before I hoist the new engine into the car, there are a number of parts I want to take from the old engine to put on the new one as it's a lot easier to get them on now while it's sat in the house, rather than when it's installed in the car.

Along with these parts, there are also a few other final adjustments and checks to be made, the main one being the clutch throw-out stop. So in summary, the this post will cover:
  • Electronic ignition kit
  • Heater valve
  • Alternator
  • Thermostat and Housing
  • Clutch Slave Cylinder
  • Clutch throw-out stop
  • Radiator Bracket

Electronic ignition kit
I bought this bit of kit some years ago now (back in this post) and it's been very reliable and has never let me down and for this reason I would never go back to using 'points'. The only problem with just swapping it out though is that there's some thermal paste 'gluing' the main part of the unit to the base plate of the distributor . If I were to damage this paste the heat generated by the unit wouldn't dissipate properly, so as I don't have anymore thermal paste, I decided to take both the base plate and the unit itself.

Heater valve
The next thing to come off was the heater valve. After a quick clean up and a fresh gasket, it was connected to the new engine with a little RTV

Next on the list was the alternator. After a quick polish it was re-attached to the new engine with a new fan belt.

Along with the alternator itself, the adjuster bracket was installed also. In the past I always found that it was prone to slipping, so this time I used 2 big washers either side of the bracket to provide extra grip. Hope it works!

Thermostat and Housing
Now it's the turn of the thermostat and its housing, plus the radiator bracket.

Clutch Slave Cylinder
Now, the freshly refurbished clutch slave cylinder was bolted into place along with its bracket which received a lick of black paint to tidy it up.

Clutch throw-out stop
One thing I wanted to do before the engine went in was to adjust the clutch throw-out stop to the specified 6.5mm.

I tried several times to set it using a ruler, but found it hopelessly inaccurate and stood no chance of getting half a mm accuracy.

So then I had a brainwave, what if I measure the thickness of all my spanners and pick one that's closest to 6.5mm and use that as a kind of feeler gauge. After checking a few, I found one that was close enough.

With the spanner set in place between the bell housing and the lock nut, it made it very easy to set the correct gap and lock the two nuts together.

Radiator Bracket
The final part to attach (with a little threadlock) was the radiator mounting bracket along with both engine mounts. While it was off, I took the opportunity to give it a quick clean ans a lick of paint to tidy it up.

As for the engine mounts, they were replaced about 2 years ago and were still in excellent condition so they were reused.

And that's it, finally the engine is pretty much ready to drop in the car. Now I Just need a fine day.

Fingers Crossed!!

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