Sunday, September 20, 2015

New Front Brake Hoses

As the new brake hoses have already been attached to the subframe in a previous post, this post would have been all about installing the front brake calipers. However a small snag has presented itself, well more of a twist really as one of the hoses has a kink.

In the past, when I've removed a brake caliper, I would undo the two bolts securing it to the swivel hub and then rotate the caliper to remove it from the hose. Reattaching it is exactly the reverse procedure; rotate the caliper onto the hose, tighten it up and then bolt it to the hub. As the hose never changes it's position there are no problems at all and everything lines up again.

The trouble I have at the moment is that when I rotate the caliper onto the new hose and tightened it up, I'm left with a twist in the hose as I've attached the 'subframe end' incorrectly. It appears that the problem with attaching a new hose to the subframe first (as I have found out) is that it may not and in fact probably will not be in the correct position. The result will be a kinky hose and I think you'll agree that a 'kinky hose' sounds wrong in every context!!

There was no way I could leave it like that so I needed to loosen the hose at the subframe end and rotate it to remove the kink. This however is easier said than done as the engine is now sat in the way, the clutch side being particularity tricky to access. It is just visible through the gap between the inner wing and the subframe.

To get at it from above, I removed the windscreen washer bottle and used a very long socket attachment with a swivelly head thingy on the end.

With a bit of patience and wiggling, it was just possible to navigate a path past the clutch gubbins and attach the socket to the nut from above.

In order to get a spanner on the larger nut below, I removed the air intake scoop shown here...

and also front grille. Now I could get at the nut from the front to get a spanner on.

Now with a spanner on the lower nut and the socket on the top bolt, I could slacken it off and rotate the hose to remove the kink. Once I was satisfied with the way the hose hung between the subframe and the caliper, I nipped it back up again with the spanner and socket.

Once everything was reassembled, I checked the other side, which by pure luck was sitting perfectly straight and un-kinked, so no work to do there so the job was done.

So what have I learnt from this whole exercise?  Well, when attaching new hoses, it's imperative to attach them to the calipers first, before attaching them to the subframe. Had I have known this simple nugget of information before I started, I could have saved myself a stack of work.

Oh well nothing ventured, nothing gained and I always think that the lessons that were gained the hard way are the ones that tend to stick with you

That said though, I did forget to put the copper washer on yet again this time, it seems that that are some lessons that just don't stick no matter how many time you fail them!!

Don't worry, I did fix it.

Final thoughts are that the rear hoses need doing at some point, but not now!!

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