Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Engine Install

<This post is part of the 'Engine Swap' project>
After almost a year of buying, building and beautifying, both the car and the engine are finally ready to come together and be united as one. It's time once more to crank out the crane!!!

The only problem is, the engine currently resides in a room at the back of the house and the car is obviously outside, so the first job is to drag to the engine through the house and to the car. This may not sound like to difficult a job, but now the engine is built up it weights an awful lot.

Thankfully though the engine is sat on an old double airbed, which was really to protect the floor from the occasional oil spill, but also offers as a rather nifty means of dragging the engine along. As the airbed is made from a smooth PVC, it slid rather well over the carpet and also was tough enough to withstand the journey across the front path to the car.

I have to say it took a good 45 minutes of huffing and puffing and resting to get the engine to the car, but once there, I could connect it to the crane and suddenly the weight stopped being a problem as the crane took the load.

As for connecting the engine to the crane, I bought a load leveler which has some 'L' shaped brackets that connect to the head studs.

I have read around the subject quite a lot and it seems that 2 head studs are sufficient to secure the engine to the chains, however it just doesn't look to be enough so for extra piece of mind, I also secured the engine with rope... just in case!!

Once secured, it was up and over the engine bay.

I have to say that it was very nerve wracking experience having the engine that far up in the air, even with the extra rope, my heart was still pounding and I was thinking 'what if I drop it!!' Thankfully, nothing bad happened and the engine was slowly and carefully lowered into position and I was able to breath a sigh of relief.

With the engine just resting on the subframe it was free to wobble about, so I took this opportunity to slide the new LCB exhaust pipes down the back as I've heard that they're a pain to get in place when the engine is secured.

Now comes the job of re-connecting everything back to the engine, as this is a job with it's own unique problems and challenges though, it gets a whole post of it's own. In the meantime though, enjoy this time-lapse video of me struggling to drag the engine to the car and lift it in.

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