Sunday, September 6, 2015

Front Subframe Tidy

Back in this post here, I decided to remove the front subframe in order to sort out the bulkhead and tidy it all up. It would be a bit of a missed opportunity not to clean it up and give it a lick of paint while I have the chance, so that's exactly what I did.

Thankfully the subframe was in excellent condition with very little signs of corrision, mostly because it's covered in oil from the engine. That said, there are a few spots of surface rust here and there that I might as well sort out now while I can.

Starting in the garden with a large plastic sheet, I got to work with some diesel, a scrubbing brush and many cloths. It was dirty work as the engine had been leaking for a long time and a lot of the stray oil ended up stuck to the subframe, along with whatever general grime that had been picked up over the years.

The corners were particularly caked in crud, but the diesel soon melted it all away.

I did contemplate removing all the suspension gear, but stopped myself, remembering that it wasn't really necessary at this point as my focus is to get the new engine in the car as soon as possible. Anything that's not needed at this point to contribute towards that goal can wait.

I did however, decide to remove the brake lines and connectors at this point as I wanted to clean them up and also decided that a nice shiny new set of brake hoses was overdue.

Once the whole thing was cleaned, degreased and wiped down with white spirit, it was brought into the house where it could be painted. Luckily I'm decorating at the moment so was able to get away with such outrageous behavior, just!!!

I decided to repaint the whole thing where I could, as there were patches of bare metal here and there, I found it helpful when doing the underside to prop it up with some weights to keep it at a nice level.

After two coats of Hammerite Smooth, it was looking a lot better and hopefully is a lot more protected against the good old British weather for a few years to come.


The last job was to reassemble the brakes. As the old steel brake pipes were in reasonably good condition, I decided to reuse them and painted them black. The new 'fancy' brake hoses were fitted and were a simple straight swap for the old rubber hoses with no faffing or adaption needed.

And that's a wrap as they say, the newly freshened up subframe is now ready for the car...

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