Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Driveshaft Boot Replacement and Install

Following on from the previous post where I reattached most things back on the engine, it now seems appropriate to put the driveshafts back in. Before that can happen though, the 'not so old' inner CV boots need replacing... again.

It's shocking to think that these boots have been on the car for just over a year and they are falling apart already. I know the quality of rubber these days is rubbish, but what can you do except complain and then get on with replacing them. Being British of course, I left out the complaining part preferring to just mutter to myself and then got on with replacing them!!

At the time of purchase, I could only get the same crappy quality ones as before, so I expect that I'll be revisiting them again in the near future unfortunately.

Anyway, grumblings aside, after chopping the old boot off with some pliers, there is the problem of getting the new boot over the CV joint and onto the shaft...

Rubber by it's very nature is stretchy right? So it should be fairly easy to stretch the new rubber boot over the knobbly bit of the CV joint shouldn't it? Well not so much as the hole in the boot is much smaller than the knobbly thing and the rubber isn't that stretchy. Plus with the quality of the rubber being questionable, I didn't want to risk tearing the boot apart.

So what to do, I have heard that if you soak the boot in warm to hot water for a little while it would make it more, well more rubbery basically. As there was nothing to lose, I decided to give one side go in the warm water and one without. Whether or not it made a difference, is debatable as both sides seemed equally difficult.

The method that I found most useful however was to slide a narrow screwdriver through the hole in the boot and wedge it into one of the holes in the CV outer cage.

This formed an anchor point with which the boot could be pulled around the cage. If you try to do it without an anchor, I found that you just end up pulling the boot around and around the CV joint.

Even with the anchor point, it's still a very tight fit and demands a fair bit of heaving to pull it round and over the CV joint. Once in place though it's simply secured to the shaft with a zip tie.

Now the driveshaft is ready to be 'plugged' into place in the pot joint along with a good dollop of Moly grease. Once in, the ball joints were attached to the suspension arms and tightened up along with the track rod ends for the steering. Initially I thought that I would need to compress the suspension cone to get the swivel hub inbetween the two suspension arms, but as it turned out, there was enough space without going to the extra effort.

The last job is to roll the CV boots over onto the pot joints and zip-tie them into place and that's another job ticked off the list.

There's no time to rest though as it's onward to the next job which is to hang the new exhaust, well tomorrow anyway!

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