Saturday, September 12, 2015

Carburettor Alterations

While I'm waiting for a decent enough day (weather wise), and some spare time to lift the new engine into the newly refurbished engine bay, I thought I'd sort out the changes needed for the carburettor. 

Most, if not all of these changes are part and parcel of the fact I'm fitting a Stage 1 Kit. It seems like an age away now, but I bought the Stage 1 kit back in January this year (2015) and it's been sat in the cellar ever since just waiting for its moment.

The parts for the carburettor in the Stage 1 kit are:
  • New Needle
  • New Spring
  • New Air Filter
  • New Gaskets
In addition to those parts, I also bought a K&N Hi Flow Stub Stack.

New Needle
Once the carb was in pieces, the needle was very easy to change. It's held in place with a barrel which is itself held secure with a locking screw.

Undoing the locking screw releases the barrel and it and the needle can be lifted free.

The existing needle that was coming out was labelled as an AAC and the new needle was an AAV. To be honest, I have absolutely no idea of the difference and just hope that the AAV is more suited to the job than the AAC.

New Spring
The new spring that came with the kit is a little longer and seems to be a little more resistant to being squashed, again the difference between the two at this point is over my head. When I get more time though, I may very well look into the science and reasoning behind these differences.

New Air Filter
The new air filter looks very much like the old K&N one I currently have fitted. The only difference being it's a bit redder and a bit cleaner.

New Gaskets
Obviously, it would be crazy to put new parts on with old gaskets, so they were all changed.

Stub Stack
While I was on my shopping trip earlier in the year, I also bought this K&N Hi Flow Stub Stack. Apparently the addition of this teeny tiny "stub stack" in the air filter will help to get more air into the chamber. More air should mean more bang and more bang should mean more go. Will it work? I really have no idea, but I just like the fact it's there, maybe making a difference.

Once all the new parts were either on or in the carburettor, it was looking better than ever, especially when I attached it to the new intake manifold.

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