Friday, September 25, 2015

Carb v's The Bulkhead

Back in this post here when I reattached all the engine bits and bobs, I noted that due to installation of the new intake manifold left the carb jet perilously close to the bulkhead. Although it wasn't touching, there was the slight danger that with the choke out and at full throttle, the engine may flex enough to bash the jet into the bulkhead and bend it.

Without fitting a different intake manifold the only other thing I am able to alter is the thickness of the spacer which sits between the carb and the manifold itself. By making it thinner, it would hopefully pull the jet back enough to take it out of danger.

Rather than risk knackering up spacer one in the car, I had a scout around the shed and located a spare. Measuring it with a set of calipers, it came in at about 14mm, so I thought that if I roughly halved it, it should be enough.

I started work on one side with some sandpaper in order to get a a nice flat surface. I found it was easier to tape the sandpaper to a floor that I knew was perfectly flat, and use both hands to work the spacer back and forth.

Once it was done, I measured and marked the amount I wanted remove and got to work with an angle grinder to remove most of the unwanted material.

Working with the angle grinder took ages and was hard going. Once it was within about a mm of where I wanted it, it was back to the sandpaper to finish off the surface, back and forth for what seemed like hours and hours to get the surface flat again. Once done though, it was just the right size.

By luck rather than design, the final width of the spacer was slightly wider at one side than the other, this should hopefully help to turn the carb away from the bulkhead a little more.

In order to fit the new spacer, the engine needed to be pulled forward to give enough space to get the carb off the studs. Unfortunately the top engine steady had to come off again to pull the engine forward enough.

While the carb was off, I decided to remove the studs and shorten them to make it easier in the future should I ever need to remove the carb again.

Once the studs were reinstalled, the new spacer was used in place of the old and everything was reassembled.

Looking again at the gap between the jet and the bulkhead, there seemed to be just enough clearance now. To be honest, if the engine was rocking back and forth enough to allow the jet to collide with the bulkhead now, I'd have bigger worries than a bent carb jet!!!

Now this little niggle is sorted, I'm one step closer to getting the car on the road for my first journey with the new engine, just need to bleed the brakes now.

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