Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Brake and Clutch Cylinder Install

Back in this post here, I decided to remove the clutch and brake master cylinders in order to tidy both them and the bulkhead of the car. Well now they are all cleaned up and ready to go back in, the only problem is, it's a very tricky job requiring tiny hands and double jointed wrists!!

For reasons that will become clear later, I chose to put the brake cylinder in first. As you can see from the picture above, I ordered all the relevant gaskets needed and got to work. The first jobs was a simple enough one, put the first gasket in place and then the mounting plate.

followed by the brake master gasket and...

... the cylinder itself, remembering which way it goes. It's important to make sure that the fork that sticks out of the bottom of the cylinder engages properly with the top of the pedal or the clevis pin wont go in. Once in place it was bolted down. I'm not sure of the specific torque, so I did it tight, but not too tight. I also used a lock nut and some thread lock to be extra safe.

Now for the tricky part, getting that pesky clevis pin in place. If you read the post where I took the cylinders out, you'll see that to get to the clevis pin that's tucked away under the steering wheel behind the pedal box, I had to remove the heater and the seat.

Even with all this stuff out of the way, it's still a really hard to reach place. I struggled to get a decent picture, but I managed to get an 'out of focus' view of the connector on the bottom of the brake master cylinder. Unfortunately, that's there the clevis pin needs to go.

I have to confess, it took me about half an hour to get the clevis pin in place, but with an awful lot of patience, the occasional swear word and a pair of long nose pliers, both the clevis and split pin were successfully located. The job would be even harder, almost impossible I suspect if the clutch pedal had been connected up as it could be shoved out of the way to give a little extra space.

It was really difficult to get good pictures of the pin in place, but I hope the photo at least shows just how awkward this job really is.

Next it's the turn of the clutch cylinder. Just like the brake cylinder, it was bolted into place from above with it's gasket making sure that it properly engaged with the top of the clutch pedal.

Then back in the car for round 2 of Mission Impossible; getting the next clevis pin in! Although it still was an arduous task, I have to say, it was a tiny bit easier than the brake pedal as I had slightly better access to the left hand side of the clutch pedal.

Once both clevis pins were in, I breathed a massive sigh of relief and hoped that this is a job that I won't have to do very often. Once the heater and seat were reattached, I thought that while I was on a roll, I would put the brake limiter valve on as it's simply just one bolt into the bulkhead.

Last thing was to reattach the brake pipes, I'll sort the clutch ones out later.

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