Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bleeding The Clutch

In the previous post, I enjoyed the monumental moment of starting my first ever engine that I've built. Before I can have the joy of my first trip though, there are one or two little jobs that need sorting and today's little job is to bleed the clutch.

Bleeding the clutch is actually a very simple job and turned out to be far easier that bleeding the brakes as the run of pipe that connects the clutch master cylinder to the clutch slave cylinder is very short. The first job is to make sure that the master cylinder is topped up with DOT 4 fluid.

The next thing is to locate the bleed valve on the clutch slave cylinder and plug a pipe in with a bottle to catch the bled fluid. I found that the window washer container needed to be moved out of the way to give enough access.

Now get a lovely assistant to press and hold the clutch pedal while you open the valve and let the bubble filled fluid flow out. If you can't find a lovely assistant, you could use a hefty brick to do the same job. When the flow stops, close the valve and lift the pedal and press and hold again, now open the bleed valve again and let it flow.

Keep doing this until no bubbles are being bled, for me it was about the fourth of fifth pump of the pedal. Also it's important to make sure each time that the master reservoir has not emptied as you'll be just pumping more air into the system. Once done, top off the reservoir.

That's pretty much it really, a very simple job that didn't take very long at all. Wish every job on a Mini was like this.

The brakes next and I'm guessing I won't be so lucky...

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