Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Stripping the Current, Soon To Be Old Engine

<This post is part of the 'New Engine Rebuild' project>
With the new engine almost built up and ready to go, I thought it was time to start pilfering parts from the current (soon to be old) engine, that I will be needing in order to move the project along.

Heater Valve
The first thing to go was the heater valve as it was a pretty easy 'unbolt and remove' job. One reason for using the old valve, was that I've heard that new ones are a bit lacking in quality. Whether that's true or not I don't know, but as I have this one already, I have no need to find out at the moment, plus it saves a few pennies!

Next to come out was the carb. Now I'm never sure if it's carburettor with two 't's or if it's carburetor with just the one 't'. But of course Google does and it depends on which side of the Atlantic you live. As I'm on the British side, I'll go with double 't' version. However, that's far too many letters to be typing, so I'll stick with carb.

Anyway once the 'carb' has the breather, fuel hoses, choke cable and accelerator cable removed, it was unbolted and slid off its studs.

Next out was the radiator and it's associated gubbins. Getting the radiator out can be a bit if a faff on, so when time allows, I'll do a detailed write up of the process and post a link to it here.

That's the radiator, now the associated gubbins.

Which are the bracket...

And the thermostat and housing...

Next useful item was the alternator, two top bolts and an adjuster beneath are all that's needed to detach it from the car.

and bracket or course...

Even though I spent quite some time restoring a distributor, I was still in need of the electronic ignition kit that I installed in this one some time back. I worked really wall and has been exceptionally reliable so I can't see any reason to buy a new one when I can use this.

Removing the dizzy makes it easier to get the backplate off.

And that's the bit I want.

Last thing I need for today is the coil. I say today as I may be raiding this engine again soon if more parts are needed.

That's it really, noting more tp report beyond pinching parts from one engine to put on another. Each of the parts will be cleaned up ready to go on the new engine, but that's for the next post.

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