Thursday, July 2, 2015

Oil Filter and Water Pump

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As I only have bits of time here and there to concentrate on the engine, I find that I need to make lots of little steps at the moment. This works out well as now the Clutch cover is on, a lot of the next work is in nice bite sized lumps. The first of today's bite sized lumps, is to attach the oil filter and its associated pipe.

Oil Filter
Starting with the oil pipe, I had a few to choose from in the shed, so picking out the better looking one, it was cleaned up with a wire brush and masked up ready for paint.

After a coat of primer, it was off finished in gloss black. It's not perfect, but it's better than leaving it unpainted as it would soon rust up and quickly look very tatty again.

Next I organised the parts needed for the banjo, these were a largish nut and two copper washers.

Also, I made sure that the gasket and bolts were ready for the newly cleaned up oil filter housing. After cleaning the gasket surfaces with a little solvent and a cloth, I coated the gasket with a thin smear of RTV and pushed the bolts through the housing and gasket and offered it all up to the engine block.

Torquing the bolts to about 20Nm with some threadlock it was soon in place.

Next the banjo with its copper washers was torqued into place also (52Nm).

The final part left to do was to attach the end of the pipe to the housing. A quick nip with a spanner was all that was needed here

Now that everything was in place, a new oil filter could be mounted.

Water Pump
Next up was the water pump. I had to buy a new pump for this as the one I had spare was knackered. I also bought a mounting kit that came with the necessary gasket, correct length bolts and a bypass hose.

First thing was to clean both the block and the pump with solvent to make sure they were spotless.

Next, a thin smear of RTV on the gasket face to help seal it.

Finally, bolt it in place with some threadlock and admire the shiny shiny.

Although it's not massive progress, it's still two jobs done and ticked off the 'to do' list. Tomorrow when I get a moment, another small job can be ticked off as I stick the distributor in place.

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