Monday, June 29, 2015

Wok's Going On!

<This post is part of the 'New Engine Rebuild' project>
Well I know it's the clutch housing, but it really does look like a wok! Granted it's got a big hole in the middle and a wok hasn't, and it has no handles where a wok would and I wouldn't want to cook with it, but still it kinda vaguely resembles... a... wok... Okay, it's nothing like a wok, but it made a really catchy title so I went with it!! Anyway, it's time to put it on.

Before it goes on though, I need to assemble the plunger. In readiness for this, a few weeks ago I cleaned up all the parts I thought I would need for this job. Planning Eh!!

The plunger itself was pretty easy assemble taking just a few minutes.

Once done it was pushed in place through the housing with some grease and a new new clutch release bearing attached.

The release bearing can physically be put on either way and of course only one way is correct. It's pretty obvious now when I think about it which way round it goes, but a lack of experience and a my amazing ability to get things wrong is the reason that I check, check and check again.

Second Thoughts
Now, I'm all for trying to reuse old parts where I can, but after looking again at the photos I'd taken before assembling the plunger, some of the clevis pins did look to be worn.

So while I was at Mini Spares North a week later or so, I decided to pick up some fresh new parts to replace the tired old ones. I'm glad I did as they were not very expensive and it gives that peace of mind.

Stripping the plunger down again, I soon had it rebuilt with the shiny new bits. I'm not sure if the old parts would have been fine to use, but as they were so cheap, it was a no-brainer to replace them while I had the chance

Final Bits 
With the plunger correctly assembled, the clutch housing is ready to be bolted into place. There are however just a few things on the inside to sort out before that can happen. The first is to make sure that the lock tab on the main bolt has been bashed into the gaps to lock it in place. I used a hammer and a large screwdriver here. The flywheel and clutch assembly has already been sorted and torqued up in this post.

The second thing is to make sure that the clutch sleeve is in place. To forget this would be an utter, utter pain in the butt!

Finally the clutch housing can be bolted into place with some threadlock. Well I say finally, there is the clutch 'throw-out stop' adjustment to set to 6.5mm, but I'll save that for another day.

Once all the bolts were torqued up to the required 25Nm, I could stand back and enjoy all the beauty and magnificence a partially assembled A+ engine can muster. Which to be honest is quite a lot.

Now the clutch cover is on, the engine is really starting to look complete and I must admit I'm getting excited and can't wait to fire it up, but there's a way to go yet!!!

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