Thursday, June 11, 2015


I'm guessing that if you follow this blog, you're probably more of a fan of the Classic Mini than the avarage Joe, I would also guess that at some point. you've picked up and read MiniWorld. This is a magazine that I have read and subscribed to since I was 'into' Mini's, so when the chance to actually appear in came up, I was all over it.

Back in April I spotted a status update from MiniWorld, asking for entries for the magazine. I thought 'why not' and sifted through my photos for the best few I wanted to send, not the easiest of tasks as I have about 3000 to look at!

Having whittled it down to my favorite five though, I sent them via email off to Mini World and after a few brief exchanges regarding the wording, I pretty much forgot all about it as the months rolled on. That is until I opened the Summer edition and to my surprise and delight, there I was on page 16!!

So chuffed was I that I ordered an additional 5 copies to give out to various members of the family as a keepsake, I'm not really sure if they wanted them, but they got them anyway!!

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