Monday, June 22, 2015

Bedroom's No Place For An Engine!

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Way, way back in the dim and distant past when I first started this engine build project, it was the dead of winter and absolutely freezing in my shed. As a result, my enthusiasm to go out and do a bit of tinkering was tempered by the thought of frozen fingers and general shivering.

So in my infinite wisdom a plan was hatched to overcome this problem, a plan that would afford me warmth, comfort and a nice sit down while I build the engine. An excellent plan with only one small problem, it was the spare bedroom!!!

Spare bedrooms are great!!
So over the last six months or so I have enjoyed all the luxuries that a spare bedroom can afford while I slowly built up the engine and all was well with the world, kind of! You see, having a spare room as a makeshift engine workshop doesn't really work for the rest of the family, and they let me know on several occasions.

Getting it in the neck though was not the only problem, the purpose of a spare bedroom of course is that it's a bedroom that's... well spare and apparently it's unacceptable to ask guests to sleep in the shed. This leaves no choice but to ask people to share the room with the engine and for some reason, people (normal people that is) don't like other people fixing their engines while they are trying to get to sleep. So this severely curtails my tinkering time!

The largest issue by far though is trying to balance how built up I let the engine get before it's too heavy to get back down stairs again, at least without inuring myself in the process. Looking at things as they stand, I think we have reached that point as the block and gearbox are attached along with the clutch. If I were to put the head on and other ancillaries, it might just tip the balance.

The plan is to get the engine down the stairs and into the utility room where it can be finished off ready for installation in the car. It all sounds simple enough until I tried to lift the thing and realised just how heavy it had become. Erm, yeah, really should have done it before the clutch was on, but hey-ho!!

After a little head scratching I devised a plan that would allow me to man-handle the engine across the floor and down the stairs with relative ease and without getting oil all over the carpets. There is only so much I can get away with after all. I found an old PVC airbed that was perfect for both wrapping to protect the carpet and also provided a means of holding it as I went.

Taking great care not to kill myself, I worked my way down each step gently angling the engine down as I went. At first it wasn't too bad, but about half way down the engine became a bit heavier, and then heavier still, but eventually after a little apprehension and a lot of effort the engine was rested in its new home where it will live for the next few weeks.

Here the video of the whole experience...

My final conclusions are that we are either going to have to move to a bungalow or get the shel carpeted and setup with central heating for winter. Wonder which will happen first!

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