Thursday, April 9, 2015

Squeaky Fan Belt

Since getting the car back on the road this week, it's been brilliant, except for one small thing. Well actually one very loud annoying thing - the squeaky fan belt. More of a squeal than a squeak really, like having an angry banshee under the bonnet that hates you acceleration! It's driving me mental, it's embarrassing and it has to be sorted!

Looking back through the blog, the current fan belt was fitted over 2 years ago, back in March 2013 when I overhauled the heating/cooling system in fact. I had a quick look around the internet to see what the expected lifespan of a fan belt should, but didn't manage to find anything. I did contemplate replacing it, but as I am planning an engine swap soon, I'm just going to re-tension the current one for now and hope the evil screaming noise goes away.

First thing is to get the bolts loose. To make access to the 2 top bolts easier, I removed the temperature sender and the HT lead on cylinder 1.

Also the grill had to be removed to get at the bottom bolt.

Once they were slackened off, I had a scout around the garden to find something suitable to wedge behind the alternator, eventually I found a broom handle that had snapped leaving a nice taper.

It was a bit long, but did the job...

With the stick wedging the alternator out, I went back around the bolts and tightened them all back up again and once the grill, HT leads and temperature sender was back, on it was 'job done'.

So that's that, a simple piece of maintenance, but it does get rid of a massive nuisance. I'm hoping that it lasts the few more months until the new engine gets fitted.

UPDATE < 20 April 2015 >
So far, so good - No more squealing.

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