Tuesday, April 7, 2015

MOT Time

After all the prep in the previous post, the time has finally come to take the car for it's MOT.

As the car has sat idle over winter, both the MOT and the tax have both expired. To get the tax though, I need a valid MOT. But to drive the car on the road, I need tax. Thankfully the DVLA recognise this problem and as long as you are driving to a pre-arranged MOT appointment, it's legal to drive the car there, and back home again.

Taking the car off the drive for the first time in months is a great feeling and bouncing along down the road to the garage I remember why I love driving the Mini. Once there, it was left and my fingers were crossed.

Thankfully it was good news as the Mini passed with merit, well with no advisories anyway. Pleased with the result, I drove back home and got straight on the case with getting it taxed and back on the road.

Now we are good to go again, hopefully right the way through to next winter.

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