Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gearbox Stripdown - Part 3 - Selectors Out

<This post is part of the 'Winter Project 2014/15 - (Gearbox Refurb)' project>

In the previous post, I got to the point where all the gears had been removed from the gearbox leaving just the gear selector parts to deal with, so guess what today's job is!

Selector Forks
As mentioned at the end of the previous post, it all starts with the removal of the locking pin, which just needs tapping out with a suitable drift. Or in my case, an old screwdriver with the end cut off!

This one here

Tap tap tap...

... and it's out.

With the pin out, the selector shaft can be slid along to allow the 3rd/4th selector fork to be taken out.

Slid to the left
Bit more, past the selector
and it's free!

Sliding it all the way out allows the 1st/2nd selector fork to be removed also.

Slid more...
... and 1st/2nd selector is free.
Along with the shaft.
Not forgetting the pin!!!

Release Levers
Now to get the bell crank release levers and the reverse release lever off.

These things.

First job is to remove the nyloc nut.

After the washer came the bell crank release lever upper.

Then a spacer and the bell crank release lever lower, which is subtly different.

Then finally the reverse release lever, and the 'top hat.

Leaving it looking like this.

Now the selector shaft can be removed.

As it came out the detent ball bearing came with it, I'm glad it did as I would have probably forgotten about it.

The final thing to be removed was the detent sleeve.

Well I say final, actually the very final job was to take the sump plug out. I will probably clean it up and reuse it to save a few pennies.

And that really was the last job, well at least for today anyway, and it leaves the block looking somewhat naked!

I just hope I can get that lot back in again!

So that's it. I managed to strip the gearbox without too much stress and I'm feeling pretty chuffed about it. The real test will come when I have to put it all back in though!!

Next Time
Now that all the parts are out, I want to strip the gears off the mainshaft and check them all along with the baulk rings.

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