Friday, March 27, 2015

Cleaning the Clutch Housing

<This post is part of the 'Winter Project 2014/15 - New Engine Rebuild' project>

Well now all the fun building the gearbox is over, I need to get back to the job of rebuilding the rest of the engine. Had it not been for the fact I keep tripping over the thing in the spare room, I dare say I would have forgotten about it, it's been so long. Anyway, the thing I want to look at now is the clutch housing and cover.

Clutch cover in standard filth!

Starting with the clutch cover as it looks the easiest, I got to work with some diesel and a scrubbing brush to get most of the crud off. I find that diesel works very well as a degreaser and have used it ever since this post here.

After scrubbing away for what seemed like an eternity, I got about half way across and it looked better. On closer inspection though it still looked fairly dull and lacklustre.

I found that the large flat areas were the easy parts, but getting into the nooks and crannies was the real challenge. This was clearly going to take ages and I was already getting sick of it!

Something had to be done!

That something came in the form of a cheap purchase from ebay, ten small brass polishing brushes in fact. Abrasive enough to shift the stubborn stains, but not so abrasive as to scratch the surface. All was well again, the project seemed back on.

...for a while, as I soon got sick of being covered in the tiny brass bristles that came flying off every opportunity they got. I know now why they were cheap and to make matters worst, the things get everywhere and even end up stuck in my clothes scratching my skin.

On the plus side though, they did do quite a good job, but even with these tiny brushes, it was still going to take ages and probably still look second rate, plus I was getting through them quite quickly. Also, the bits I'd polished, although did look nice and shiny, also had a brassy tinge which needed buffing out with metal polish, which was just more work.

Something else had to be done!

And at this point I don't know what! I simply got fed up with the stink of diesel, the brass bristles sticking in me (and going up my nose) and the aching hands, so I am thinking of seeking out a local company to soda-blast them. Before I do though, I'm going to have one last attempt and experiment to see if I have anything kicking about that can 'chemically' clean them, so I'll keep you posted.

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