Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Timing Belt Kit

<This post is part of the 'Winter Project 2014/15 - New Engine Rebuild' project>

Back in this post when I went 'man' shopping, that's not shopping for men, but rather shopping that doesn't make men want to die of boredom, I was undecided as to what timing chain to buy. At the time I was torn between using one of the single chainers that I already had, or upgrading to a duplex chain. Well it seems that the Mini gods have been shining and made the decision for me - Neither!

When I'm working on a particular project, I tend to keep a close eye on ebay and a few selling groups on facebook for parts. Occasionally things come up that I am interested in, but they are either too far away, too expensive or have already sold.

So when a timing belt kit came up on facebook for £30 and it was close enough to collect, it was almost too good to be true as I had been eyeing one on the Mini Spares website earlier in the week, but the cost was somewhat prohibitive,

Chatting with the seller online and also when I picked the item up, I once again realised that there are many people just like me up and down the country working away on their Minis. It's great now and again to meet up and chat about our shared obsession. Thanks Sam, it was great to meet your family and your Mini looks awesome.

The kit itself is adjustable, which is great as it enables the cam timing to be setup exactly rather than the 'near enough' setting that the chain timing kit offered.

Now being so cheap, there is a bit of work to do, so I spent a few hours tidying it up. I also managed to find the exact countersunk screws I needed from a local nut and bolt supplier.

So after a few hours of filing, cleaning and polishing I ended up with this.

Before I fit it I will get a new oil seal as the smaller one was looking a bit deformed and may leak. I also am considering getting a new belt, but at this point, I am undecided.

This was a nice side project that came out of the blue and solved the problem of deciding what type of cam timing gear to fit. For now though, it will go into storage until it's needed, which at the rate I am plodding along, may be some time yet.

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