Friday, November 14, 2014

The Inside Job!

Having spent the last three weeks working on the interior of the car, I have transformed the front seats, cleaned the carpets and painted the floor. So now the paint has dried the only job left is to put all the nice clean parts back in...

I started with the rear carpet as it was the easiest and just fits in and can be manoeuvred into place without too much fuss. Where it fits around the ash tray and the seat belt connectors, I secured it together with some carpet tape to try to get a tidy finish.

Then the slightly trickier job of fitting the front 'sound deadening'. Although it was a bit tricky here and there, as it's moulded to the correct shape, it eventually found it's place.

Now it was the turn of the front carpet. After fitting it over the gear stick and pulling the gaiter through, again it just fell into place. Pleased with the progress so far, I went inside the house to get the driver's seat. Two bolts later and it was fitted.

Returning back to the house to get the passenger seat, it too was fitted with two simple bolts.

And that's that! The car seems to have been off the road for ages, but when I think back, quite a lot of work has been accomplished. It started with water in the footwell, which lead onto some repair work on the floor. Then both passenger and the driver's seat were removed, stripped back, repaired, cleaned and rebuilt. The floor was tidied up and the carpets scrubbed and left to dry. Given what little spare time I have, I'm pretty pleased the with progress and the result as the Mini is a much nicer place to be now.

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