Monday, November 10, 2014

Tarted The Floor Up

In the previous couple of posts I have been working on the interior. It started with water getting into the footwell and escalated from there to removing the seats and refurbishing them, first passenger then drivers side as they were just too crappy to put back in as they were.

The problem was however, the nice clean seats showed up the state of the carpets which were dirty. So they were taken out and scrubbed, but then the newly repaired floor at the front made the floor in the back look horrible. So while the carpets were out, I put a spare tin of Hammerite Smooth I had in the shed to good use.

Painting the floor of the car may seem really pointless as it will never be seen and that's probably true, but apart for looking really awesome under the carpets, I'm sure it will add a little extra protection from interior rust.

Two quite thick coats of Hammerite later and it looks like this...

After painting, I realised that there will be one aesthetic benefit as the cross member and the bit below the doors are not covered by the carpet, so they should look better when it all goes back together.

Can't wait to get it all back in.

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