Saturday, November 22, 2014

Boot Lid Cables

Ever since owning the Mini I've known that one of boot lid cables was missing. This leaves just a single cable to support the boot lid when it's left in the open position. As it was not causing an immediate problem, it was not high up on my priority list so I never got around to replacing it. To be honest I probably would have never got around to replacing it, had it not been for the fact that one day when I opened the boot the inevitable happened, the remaining cable finally snapped on me!

Still thinking 'I should fix that' I decided to leave it for a while as it wasn't a major concern. The problem is though that without the strap in place the boot lid flops down too far when it's opened. This means that the hinges can bash into the bumper, potentially damaging both the bumper and the hinges.

To avoid this happening, every time I used the boot, I had to adopt some peculiar half-standing half-sitting stance, resting the boot lid on my legs while I lifted things in and out. Of course from time to time I would forget and let the boot open too far. On one such occasion I ended up with some paint being chipped off the hinge as it hit the bumper. Doh!!!!. Luckily, the bumper suffered no damage.

Very quickly I got sick of this and decided that it needed urgent attention before it drove me crazy. So searching on 'an internet auction site' as they say on Wheeler Dealers, eBay to you and me. I found the items I needed and ordered them. I didn't go for the cheapest, instead looking for a company that specialised in classic parts. That said they were still very reasonably priced. Some companies sold just the cables while others sold the complete kit including all the screws. As I was missing the screws on one side, I went for the kit and a few days later they arrived. It doesn't matter how small the parcel is, it's still exciting to receive Mini parts.

When examining the cable ends they were a little raggy from the manufacturing process. I could have fitted them as they were as they would have worked perfectly well, but I simply can't put raggy parts on my Mini. So they got a quick tidy up with a hand file. Here's the before and after...

Fitting the right hand side was very straight forward, just take out the old and put in the new...

Apart from the space restrictions of the fuel tank, the left side was much the same as the right side. The only worry was dropping the nut down underneath the tank while I was fitting it, but as it turned out there was just enough space to hold the nut in place with my little finger while I got the screw in place. Once the screw finger tight, I could just about get a spanner through the gap to hold the nut as it was tightened up.

And what else can I say except, Ta-Dar! All done

Although this was not a very difficult job, or an expensive one, I just kept putting it off and putting it off until the inevitable finally happened and I ended up with some minor paint damage. Still, better late than never and no matter how small the job there is always that sense of satisfaction once complete. I just wish I'd got around to it before the old one snapped.

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