Saturday, October 25, 2014

Soggy Driver's Footwell

Back in June last year, I thought I'd nailed the problem of water getting into the car. A problem that can often be the ruin of many a Mini owner's happiness... and carpets! I was suffering pretty badly with it last year until I decided to have a bash at solving the problem which I thought went pretty well. I made three posts on weatherproofing at the time.

So lifting up soggy carpets yet again was very disappointing, it seems Minis just love to let the rain in no matter what you do! The disappointment soon gave way to despair though when I saw the state of the floor beneath with bubbling paint and rusty patches, I was dreading the worst.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Rear Brakes - Somewhat Confused Shoes!

Ever since owning the car, the rear brakes have always had a bit of a low level grinding noise when used. As it wasn't that bad and knowing no better, I assumed it was normal. Recently however the noise has become worse, so bad in fact that even a numpty like myself cannot fail to realise something was not right.

So taking the drums off to investigate I found a build up of brake dust sat on top of the adjuster housing. Having rebuilt the brakes recently, I knew something was afoot with these shoes! And thanks to the help from friends on facebook, I was able to work out what it was...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Shot of Lead in the Head!

In the previous post (Replaced the Head) I successfully managed to change the cylinder head on the Mini, and pretty chuffed I was with myself too as it was quite a big job. Anyway, now I have the old head off and in the shed I can start to strip it down and see what's what.

The head that went on was one I'd done quite a lot of work on (here) and is fitted with hardened exhaust valve seats. Because of this and also the fact the car was manufactured in the late 80's, I simply assumed that the head that came off would also be fitted with the same hardened seats. Turns out I was wrong, which is a bit of a shame as I really wanted to keep the head as a spare.

The original cylinder head