Sunday, September 21, 2014

Replaced the Aerial

Sometimes I suspect that I'm not the brightest spark. One such example that leads to this conclusion happened about a year ago. As I don't have a garage, I generally keep the Mini under a cover, putting it on every night and removing it each morning. The particular morning in question, I removed the cover to find I had not put the aerial down the previous night and snapped it off.

Ever since then, the aerial has been held in place with Blu-Tak which unsurprisingly doesn't offer the best fix and means the radio reception is really bad with crackling and occasionally cutting out altogether. I have put up with it since then, but I can stand it no more and decided to replace the aerial with one that cannot be snapped and hopefully allow me to enjoy the radio without tutting all the time.

The replacement aerial I decided on is rubberised and very flexible and hopefully will bend towards the windscreen to accommodate the car cover.

This is quite a quick job and the only real problem is getting the old cable out and the new one in. So the first task is to unscrew what is left of the old aerial and clip the cable. To do this I thought I would need to take the wheel off, but managed to get away with just lifting the car.

After clipping the cable I thought the best idea was to attach the new to the old and pull it through. The new cable came ready fitted with the aerial connector, which I assumed it would fit through all the holes.

Pulling it through was mostly successful, well passed the inner wing anyway and even through the bulkhead.

But alas the connector snapped off as I tried to pull it down from behind the dash.

Initially I thought it was a sealed connector, hence going to the effort of trying to pull the whole thing through, but on closer inspection I realised it was a perfectly serviceable unit that can be rebuilt. If only I have looked before I started I could have avoided trying to stuff it through the holes!

 A small amount of messing about later, and it's as good as new.

All done and not only does it look better than the crooked, Blu-Tak repaired rubbish that was there before, it works so much better also.

Now I can finally enjoy listening to Radio 2 minus the tutting.

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