Sunday, June 22, 2014

Spare Engine - Gearbox Removal

If you have read any of the previous posts, you will have seen that I am in the process of stripping a broken engine in the hope that I can gain some valuable experience that will enable me to rebuild a decent engine. So far I have stripped the head, removed the timing gear and the flywheel and clutch. Now I am at a point where I can remove the gearbox.

This turned out to be a fairly straight forward job and as a result this post is a short and sweet 'this is what I did' kind of post. The first job was to manhandle the engine upside down to enabled me to get at the nuts and bolts holding the gearbox in place.

As the nuts are quite close to the gearbox housing, it is quite tricky to use the socket set as there isn't enough room. I found that some nuts were accessible with a ring spanner while others were undone with a bendy attachment I had in the socket set. Although the bendy thing is good at getting into these tight spots, I doesn't really allow much torque to be applied as it starts to distort. But between the two methods, the nuts were removed.

With the nuts out, the only thing holding the gearbox in place was the gasket, so a quick tap with a leather mallet released the grip.

Ta Dar!!

With the gearbox off, I can now get at the crank and pistons and also examine the inner workings of the gearbox itself. I was going to write another post detailing how I removed the pistons and crank, but to be honest, it was so stupidly simple it wasn't worth it. It's simply a job of removing some nuts and lifting them out.

Final 'Spare Engine' thoughts...
This is probably the end of the road for this engine. I bought it knowing it was broken, but it has been such a valuable learning resource and well worth the £10 investment. Now that it's in bits, I think it would be an equally rewarding experience to rebuild it again and maybe I will get around to doing that at some point. I would certainly feel more confident building my 'good' engine having done it at least once before.

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