Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rear Subframe Recon Complete!!

I took the decision (possibly a rubbish one, time will tell) to get rid of all the holes in the rear subframe by filling them with foam filler. You can read about the messy exploits here: 'Rear Subframe Strip Down - Part 3 (Ish) - Foam Filler!'

Well as you may have read, I certainly filled all the cavities with foam filler, but there were loads of other smaller nooks and crannies here and there that could harbor debris and start corroding. So once the main cavities were filled and finished, I used a small amount of filler to pack out any other small holes I could find.

It is worth stating that all these holes are part and parcel of the production process and not due to corrision. The subframe was in excellent condition. The subframe is fabricated from an intricate combination of many sheets of pressed metal cleverly welded together. As a consequence of this manufacturing process, there are these small cavities. This is probably the reason why rear subframes are notorious for rusting.

Places where muck can hide!

Once I had a smooth surface all over the subframe, I applied two coats of Hammerite Rustbeater on top of a fully dried surface of Kurust. Then three coats of black Hammerite Smooth. Areas that I thought could potentially be a problem got an extra thick coat!

Hammerite Rustbeater
Contours, where there once was a cavity.

And the top coat.

I will be adding some stone chip protection in the form of some Tetroseal. I prefer this to the Hammerite product. I will only be applying it to the parts that are most needed and not the whole subframe though.

I was going to use Red Oxide paint and did indeed start using it on places, but noticed that it scratched off fairly easily, so I wire brushed it back and started again with the Rust beater. Looking back over my photo records, I stated to dismantle the subframe towards the end of Oct 2013. It is now early Jan 2014. So that is just over 2 months! To be fair though, I have taken my time and there was the small issue of Christmas that halted all work for at least 2 weeks. But it has taken a very long time. But in that time, every element on the subframe has been removed, restored/replaced and when you add up all the little jobs, it is huge!

It is great to reach a major milestone and now be in a position where I can start to rebuild. Stay tuned as I am now in a hurry to get the car back on it's wheels.

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