Friday, January 17, 2014

Mini Re-homed!

No, I haven't sold it!

With all the building work going on at the moment, I needed to get the Mini out of the way as it was at risk of being damaged. Also the builders needed the space it was occupying to store sand and bricks. So as soon as the car was back on it's wheels, it was bundled off into storage for a few weeks.

Thankfully, a friend and previous Mini owner, kindly loaned me his garage for the duration. Thanks again John. In the previous post, I had a marathon session getting the car drivable to be able to make the journey to it's temporary accommodation.

As I had rushed to get everything done in the one day, the rear suspension was about as low as it would go and badly needed adjusting to a sensible height, but there was no time. Also, and probably more crucially, the brakes were a bit pants! They really needed a second bleeding session to get them upto where they need to be. They stopped the car, but they were not exactly keen.

So, it's pouring with rain, it's dark, there is zero play in the rear suspension, the brakes require something akin to clairvoyance and on top of that, this was the first real test of all the work that I had carried out that day! Yes, this was going to be an interesting journey!

I have to confess that my heart was pounding a bit as I trundled off into the night on this two mile jaunt. With the tiny inadequate wipers doing their best against the rain, I took it pretty slowly and did my best to avoid all the potholes and bumps in the road. All the time l was looking and listening for problems with the car. Was anything going to fall off? Would the brakes fail completely? I stopped a few times along the way and hopped out just to check the back of the car, mostly out of paranoia more than anything.

On we battled, against the odds and despite the fears, the rain, the ridiculously low suspension and the lack of brakes, the little car got us there in the end. I parked up, pulled the handbrake and started breathing again!. Phew! Job done. Need a cup of tea now please!

So there you have it, you just don't get this kind of 'edge of the seat, will I get there' fun with a modern car. Just boring reliability!

Since dropping the car off, I have to admit I have missed it the last few days, but it is for the best and I will be visiting soon to sort the brakes and suspension. So until then, I'm officially Mini-less.

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