Friday, January 17, 2014

Mini Re-homed!

No, I haven't sold it!

With all the building work going on at the moment, I needed to get the Mini out of the way as it was at risk of being damaged. Also the builders needed the space it was occupying to store sand and bricks. So as soon as the car was back on it's wheels, it was bundled off into storage for a few weeks.

Thankfully, a friend and previous Mini owner, kindly loaned me his garage for the duration. Thanks again John. In the previous post, I had a marathon session getting the car drivable to be able to make the journey to it's temporary accommodation.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rear Subframe Installation

Well the day has finally arrived. The day when I get to put the rear subframe back onto the car. It seems like an age since it was removed, but I was taking my time. However, there is now a bit of a rush to get the car roadworthy again. As mentioned in a previous post, we are having building work done and the Mini is really in the way and at risk of being damaged. So I need to get it back on it's wheels asap so it can driven to the garage of a kind friend for a while. (Thanks John)

To get the car to a driveable state, there are several (well actually loads) of things that need to happen:
  • Underseal the rear of the car 
  • Cut a hole in the subframe for the rear exhaust mount
  • Tidy inside the boot when the subframe bolts go
  • Attach the subframe to the car
  • Attach the handbrake
  • Bleed and set the brakes
  • Install the petrol tank
  • Attach the exhaust

I know! A mammoth task for one day, but that is all I have as I've taken a day off work to get all these jobs done.  Working alone, I wasn't sure if it was possible, but it is amazing what you can get done if you are pushed.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rear Subframe Rebuild

Now that all the parts for the rear subframe are restored (or replaced) and ready to go back together, it was simply a task of finding the time and space to assemble everything. We are currently having some building work done, so my usual little workshop is being temporary used as storage. Actually, the building work is the real reason I have gone from taking it easy to really needing to get the car back on it's wheels and out of the way.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rear Subframe Recon Complete!!

I took the decision (possibly a rubbish one, time will tell) to get rid of all the holes in the rear subframe by filling them with foam filler. You can read about the messy exploits here: 'Rear Subframe Strip Down - Part 3 (Ish) - Foam Filler!'

Well as you may have read, I certainly filled all the cavities with foam filler, but there were loads of other smaller nooks and crannies here and there that could harbor debris and start corroding. So once the main cavities were filled and finished, I used a small amount of filler to pack out any other small holes I could find.

It is worth stating that all these holes are part and parcel of the production process and not due to corrision. The subframe was in excellent condition. The subframe is fabricated from an intricate combination of many sheets of pressed metal cleverly welded together. As a consequence of this manufacturing process, there are these small cavities. This is probably the reason why rear subframes are notorious for rusting.

Places where muck can hide!